Pasture Raised Ground Lamb

Pasture Raised Ground Lamb

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Our tender and mild ground lamb is perfect for meatballs, meat sauce, or cooked with veggies for a stir fry.

From our friends at Carolina Lamb who graze their flock of sheep under solar panels. A true marriage of sustainability as the panels need the grass mowed for optimal use and the sheep need the shade and shelter provided by the panels.

Our solar farm lamb is:
  • Raised on solar farms.
  • The panels offer the sheep shade and shelter and in return, the sheep keep the grass low so the panels have full exposure to the sun.
  • The flock contributes to the availability of green energy in our region
  • The flock is moved two to three times/week to ensure they always have access to fresh pasture
  • Processed in animal welfare approved USDA slaughterhouse
  • Humane life where the lambs are allowed to socialize, graze and live a natural life

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