Meat CSA
Meat CSA
Meat CSA
Meat CSA
Meat CSA
Meat CSA
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Meat CSA

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Carolina Pastures Meat CSA is a hand selected bundle of our most popular and seasonal cuts of meat. Each box contains:

- Seasonally curated selection of GMO Free poultry, pork and 100% grass fed beef. 
- 20-30% savings compared to purchasing retail without having to buy a new freezer.
- Easy monthly automatic payments. Set it and forget it.
- Save even more by paying upfront for the year.
- Three sizes and a poultry only option to choose from for any size family and budget.
- Support small family farms and sustainable farming.
- Make food choices that reverse climate change and invigorate rural economies (regenerative agriculture).
- Program is available year round. 
- Delivered right to your door for FREE!
- No long term commitment. Cancel anytime. 

Example bundes (products will vary month to month)

- Economy share: 9-12 lbs of meat for $99/month

Perfect for the small family, couple or individual big meat eater. An example of this box will include: 1 chicken or duck, a package of chicken or duck cuts, 2 lbs of sausage, ground or cut of turkey, pack of ground beef, pork chops, steaks, ribs, or roast.

- Family share: 14-17 lbs of meat for $149/month

For the medium sized family that wants to eat well this box packs a punch of great nutrition and flavor! An example of this box would be: 1 chicken or duck, 2 packs of chicken or duck parts, 1 package or ground turkey or turkey cuts, 4 packs of sausage, 2 packs of steaks, ground beef, pork chops, ribs or roasts.

-Big Eater Share: Our best deal! 20-25 lbs of meat for $200/month

For the family of big meat eaters! Our best bargain box will keep you and your family fed well for the entire month! An example of this bomb of a box is: 2 chickens or ducks, 2 packs of chicken or duck cuts, 2 packs of ground turkey or turkey cuts, 5 packs of pork sausage, 2 packs of ground beef, steaks or beef roasts, 3 packs of pork chops, ribs or roasts. 

Poultry only options:

Small poultry box: $95/month. 8-10 lbs of our pasture raised, GMO Free poultry. Will include one whole chicken or duck, 1 pack of chicken or duck parts and 1 pack of ground turkey or turkey parts.

Large poultry box: $150/month. 15-17 lbs of our pasture raised GMO Free poultry. Will include two whole chickens or ducks, 2 packs of chicken or duck cuts and 2 packs of ground turkey or turkey cuts. 

All of our animals are 100% GMO Free and bred to live and thrive in our pastures and woodlands. Our regenerative farming methods ensure that our animals are always happy, our grasslands and forests remain healthy and serve as abundant landscapes for livestock and wildlife alike and our local rural economies are strengthened. Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished from some of the highest quality pastures in the state. No grains or alternative foodstuffs, ever. Just grass and hay. With Carolina Pastures CSA you can always feel confident that the meat you eat comes from farms where animal welfare, land stewardship and human health are top priorities. 

Some of the farms we work with that will be included in your CSA are Dawnbreaker Farms for poultry and pork, Rocky Branch Farm and Caywood Farm for 100% grass fed and grass finished beef, Jimmy Acres Farm for poultry, pork and 100% grass fed and finished beef and Carolina Lamb for lamb.
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United States United States

Simply excellent. Home delivery extremely convenient. Definitely recommended.

William J.
United States United States
Best delivery yet!

This month’s CSA contained a wonderful variety of lamb, beef, chicken and pork- perfect for the coming fall weather. It was delivered in a timely efficient and SAFE manner. Ben is highly responsive to any issues. Very pleased with the product and service.

Simona D.
United States United States
Review of first 3 deliveries

First delivery was very good. It was as we expected and described for our meat CSA. 2nd time we got only chicken except for breakfast links and a package of breakfast sausage. 3rd time we got mostly beef but with 1 pack of link sausage and a pack of breakfast sausage. We prefer NOT to have the breakfast links As we do not really care for them. Also the breakfast sausage has an ingredient I am allergic to do we prefer not to have that. I hope we can have the original meat CSA most/all times.

Heather T.
United States United States
Amazing quality!

Not only am I getting healthy meat for my family, but it’s delivered right to my door! The flavor is so much better than anything we’ve bought at the store. Definitely a service we will be continuing!

Tracey M.
United States United States
Ham Steak Whuh?

So I grew up here in NC but the only ham steak I’ve ever eaten was a fully cooked one that just needed heating. So..... during the “Q”, I felt the right thing to do is support local. I began ordering all meat from Dawnbreaker Farms and lemme just tell ya, it’s so good I can’t go back. Tonight, I cooked a ham steak from my monthly CSA and I’m shot out of a cannon!! That thing tasted like pure deliciousness! I basted it in a cast iron skillet on 375 w a pineapple mustard sauce and threw a sweet potato in to roast for good measure. Uh yup!! It was the shiznit!